Getting to the Eiffel Tower in Paris

The adventure has begun.  You've arrived in Paris and are raring to go (except for recovering from jet lag). You listened to the advice and bought your Eiffel Tower ticket online, so you're all set.  Almost.  You still need to decide which transportation you're using to get there. Two common modes are taking the Metro or the Hop On/Hop Off Bus that stops there. Those are fine, but instead consider these three options:

Seine River Boat – What better way to approach the Eiffel Tower than from a boat.  You'll get great photos of the Tower in the distance and then a closer perspective of its immense size as you cruise closer. Similar to the Hop On Bus, you can board the Hop On Boat at any stop to begin your journey; it stops at most of the major attractions along the Seine. The Eiffel Tower stop on the riverbank is a short walk to the entrance. [Note: Here is the website for the "River Boat Shuttle Service" –]

Uber – I've found Uber in Paris to be easy, fast, and reasonably priced.  You just pull out your phone, type in Eiffel Tower, and meet your driver.  If you're going with others, the shared price will be close to what you'd pay for the Metro.

Paris bus stop

Paris City Bus – My favorite way to travel in Paris is the bus.  It costs the same as the Metro (and you use the same ticket); you're above ground so you're getting a tour of the city while you ride; and it's cleaner and less crowded than the Metro. Below is my favorite bus route in Paris, which passes by the Eiffel Tower, crosses over to the Right Bank, and goes down some of the most beautiful streets in Paris.  For window shoppers, the view on this ride is as spectacular as the view from the Eiffel Tower.

[Note: Pick up Bus 42 at Champ de Mars (the park next to the Tower), going in the direction of Opera.  It crosses over the river, goes down Avenue Montaigne (past the haute couture shops and expensive hotels, like Plaza Athenee), then turns onto Avenue des Champs-Elysees towards Place de la Concorde, circles around the Place and goes north on Rue Royale to the Opera (which is near Galeries Lafayette department store). To see more designer boutiques, get off at Rue St. Honore, right after the bus turns up Rue Royale.]   Link to Paris bus map: and click on Bus.

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