Caroline's Travel Tips on Paris

  • The New Eiffel Tower Experience

    The Eiffel Tower site has an excellent description of its history with photos and drawings. La Tour Eiffel was built for the 1889 World Fair in Paris. At the time, it was considered a "monstrosity" by many Parisians and was scheduled to be taken down twenty years after the Fair. Thankfully, that opinion changed, and the Eiffel Tower has endured as a symbol of Paris and the romance of travel worldwide.
  • Visiting the Eiffel Tower – Why Now?

    I'm happy to report that the Eiffel Tower visitor experience has vastly improved. The City of Paris is spending 300 million Euros to refurbish the Tower, enhance security, and upgrade the visitor experience. They had me at a new Champagne Bar at the Summit and the ability to buy tickets online.
  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower in Paris

    Two common ways to get to the Eiffel Tower in Paris are taking the Metro or the Hop On/Hop Off Bus that stops there. Those are fine, but instead consider these three options:  the Paris city bus, hailing an Uber, or cruising up the River Seine on a boat that stops a few feet away.
  • To Bordeaux - From Paris in Two Hours

    Once on board, the ride was lovely. The seat was very comfortable, plenty of legroom and a large tray table to pull down. We whizzed past the scenic countryside (picturesque rolling green pastures) at approximately 180 miles per hour, and there was a cafe in the adjoining train car that served coffee and snacks.

    Finally had the opportunity to check out the new TGV fast train from Paris to Bordeaux. To get to the train station from CDG, I caught the Roissy bus to Paris and then hopped in an Uber to the train station.  The bonus was a beautiful ride through the heart of Paris – past the elegant jewelry shops at Place Vendome and the newly restored Ritz Hotel, then across Place de la Concorde.  It was a lovely 'Welcome to Paris'--sunny weather, people out walking and riding segways.

    Notre Dame de Paris is the landmark in Paris (as much as the Eiffel Tower).  The world cried when it caught fire.  In addition to being an architectural marvel, it is located in the heart of Paris and has been the sight of seminal events over many centuries. The setting on the Île de la Cité is rich with history and remains vibrant and awe-inspiring today.  It has been my one must-visit stop on every trip to Paris...

    There are a few theories about how Paris came to be known as the City of Light (or La Ville Lumière).  One is that the name was derived from the spectacular electrical light displays at Paris' World's Fair of 1889. Another theory traces its origin to the city's early adoption of street lighting in the nineteenth century (first  gas lamps and later electric lights). Whatever the reason, day or night, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.